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Andrew Fortenberry's Ordination & Installation

Service held on Friday, April 20, 2018 at 7:30 PM
Click here for a copy of the bulletin for the service.

# Section Speaker Audio Note
1 Greetings
Hymn 437
The Rev. Ben Snodgrass MP3  
2 Scripture Reading
The Rev. Larry Westerveld MP3  
3 Ordination and Installation
--- Proceedings & Instructions
--- Questions to Mr. Andrew Fortenberry
--- Questions to the Congregation
The Rev. Ben Snodgrass MP3  
4 --- Laying on of Hands & Prayer The Rev. Ben Snodgrass MP3  
5 --- Declaration of Ordination The Rev. Ben Snodgrass MP3  
6 Charge to the Congregation The Rev. Robert Tarullo MP3  
7 Hymn 355   MP3  
8 Charge to Mr. Andrew Fortenberry The Rev. Chris Thomas MP3 *
9 Hymn 348     *
10 Benediction The Rev. Andrew Fortenberry MOV **
11 The Doxology     *

* The final portions of the service failed to record properly.
** Rev. Fortenberry's first benediction, though lost on audio was recorded on video


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