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Sermon Series on Joel

Sermons by Rev. Matthew Cotta preached during Sunday Evening Worship.

# Date Title Passage Audio
1 6-Apr-2008 The Word of the Lord to Joel Joel 1:1 MP3
2 20-Apr-2008 Devastation and Lamentation Joel 1:1-12 MP3
3 27-Apr-2008 The Day of the Lord Joel 1:15-2:1 MP3
4 4-May-2008 The Army of God Joel 2:2-11 MP3
5 11-May-2008 Return to Me Joel 2:12-14 MP3
6 18-May-2008 Corporate Repentance and Its Answer Joel 2:15-20 MP3
7 25-May-2008 Never Put to Shame Joel 2:21-27 MP3
8 22-Jun-2008 Outpouring of the Spirit Joel 2:28-32 MP3
9 6-Jul-2008 Judging the Nations Joel 3:1-8 MP3
10 13-Jul-2008 The Valley of Decision Joel 3:9-21 MP3


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