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Sermon Series on The Lord's Prayer

Sermons by Rev. Andrew W. Fortenberry preached during Sunday Evening Worship.

# Date Title Passage Audio
1 24-Jun-2018 Our Father Matthew 6:9 MP3
2 1-Jul-2018 Hallowed By Your Name Matthew 6:9 MP3
3 8-Jul-2018 Your Kingdom Come Matthew 6:10a MP3
4 15-Jul-2018 Your Will Be Done Matthew 6:10b MP3
5 22-Jul-2018 Give Us Bread Matthew 6:11 MP3
6 29-Jul-2018 Forgive Us Matthew 6:12 MP3
7 5-Aug-2018 Deliver Us Matthew 6:13 MP3
8 12-Aug-2018 Amen WSC 107 MP3


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