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Sermons from guest preachers and sermons not part of a sermon series

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Sermon Series by Rev. Andrew W. Fortenberry

Section Sermon Series Sermons First Sermon Last Sermon
Old Testament Genesis 73 21-Oct-2018 31-Oct-2021
Ruth 4 16-May-2021 6-Jun-2021
Psalms (1-10) 10 19-Aug-2018 28-Jul-2019
Proverbs 4 7-Nov-2021 28-Nov-2021
Lamentations 12 14-Feb-2021 9-May-2021
Obadiah 1 24-Oct-2021 24-Oct-2021
Jonah   5-Dec-2021 underway
Haggai 4 5-Nov-2017 15-Apr-2018
New Testament Mark 76 19-Jan-2020 5-Sep-2021
Colossians 22 22-Apr-2018 30-Sep-2018
Titus   31-Oct-2021 underway
1 Peter 26 5-May-2019 15-Dec-2019
Topical Biblical Commitments
for a Healthy Church
12 14-Jan-2018 17-Jun-2018
Missions Month 4 7-Apr-2019 28-Apr-2019
The Lord's Prayer 8 24-Jun-2018 12-Aug-2018
WSC 69 21-Oct-2018 20-Sep-2020


Sermon Series by Rev. Matthew E. Cotta

Section Sermon Series Sermons First Sermon Last Sermon
Old Testament Numbers 60 27-Oct-2013 17-May-2015
Judges 37 30-Aug-2009 5-Sep-2010
1 Samuel 47 17-Apr-2005 29-Oct-2006
2 Samuel 51 5-Nov-2006 30-Mar-2008
1 Kings (partial) 13 26-Mar-2017 9-Jul-2017
Psalms: Book 1 39 24-Aug-2008 12-Jul-2009
Psalms: Book 2 31 27-Feb-2011 20-Nov-2011
Psalms: Book 3 17 19-Aug-2012 30-Dec-2012
Psalms: Book 4 18 6-Jan-2013 26-May-2013
Psalms: Book 5 66 31-May-2015 12-Mar-2017
Joel 10 6-Apr-2008 13-Jul-2008
Micah 10 27-Nov-2011 12-Feb-2012
New Testament Matthew 119 8-May-2005 30-Mar-2008
Luke (partial) 27 4-Dec-2016 9-Jul-2017
John 68 27-Nov-2011 21-Jul-2013
Acts 74 22-Feb-2009 20-Feb-2011
Romans 46 12-Sep-2010 23-Oct-2011
Philippians 15 28-Jul-2013 15-Dec-2013
James 17 2-Feb-2014 22-Jun-2014
1 Peter 24 27-Jul-2008 8-Feb-2009
2 Peter 16 8-Apr-2012 12-Aug-2012
1 John 17 23-Apr-2006 17-Sep-2006
Jude 4 20-Jul-2008 10-Aug-2008
Revelation 4 26-Apr-2015 13-Nov-2016
Topical Doctrine of the Church 20 3-Aug-2014 8-Feb-2015
Entering the Kingdom 7 22-Feb-2015 19-Apr-2015
Ten Commandments 12 20-Apr-2008 20-Jul-2008
Ten Commandments 10 2-Jun-2013 20-Oct-2013


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